PureGen Technology Inc. was established in 1995 with the goal of delivering high quality water treatment systems and components to customers in the USA and abroad. Initially, PureGen focused on residential equipment but quickly expanded its capabilities to meet the growing demands in the commercial and industrial sectors.

In 2000 PureGen became the exclusive distributor and warehouse facility in North America for DMfit, DMT fitting manufactures the highest quality push-in fittings in the industry making them the preferred choice of many of the largest OEM’s in the water treatment industry.  PureGen maintains one of the largest inventories of push in fittings and tube for the water industry.In 2004 PureGen partnered with our distributor in Malaysia so as to have a distribution center for the growing markets in South Asia.  With a large inventory and market share, PureGen Malaysia continues to be a premier supplier to the region.


In 2006, PureGen expanded its sourcing capabilities with high end water systems manufactures in Taiwan to further expand its global presence and sourcing and distribution potential.  PureGen works with several distribution and OEM companies throughout the world giving us true Global capabilities.In 2008, PureGen started manufacturing many of its own components and systems including the Pro-Q quick change series water filters and R.O. systems. By manufacturing our own products, costs, lead times and quality are under our control assuring satisfied customers.

In 2010, PureGen introduced the GreenLife Water Conditioner product line with a focus on “Green” and environmentally conscious technologies with a focus on minimizing waste water and electricity, while maintaining the highest quality water.In 2012, the Puroflo faucet line passed the NSF 61-G standard for a truly lead free faucet design.  PureGen also increased its manufacturing output for this highly competitive faucet line in order to keep up with the increasing demand.


In 2013, PureGen increased its USA assembly line capacity.   PureGen expanded its water treatment product line diversity by introducing several commercial components for the Reverse Osmosis manufacturing industry.  PureGen increased its presence in Asia with distribution extending to Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam.



PureGen works with the NSF, and the WQA to ensure the highest quality and safest products. Many of our products are certified to the toughest industry standards. Our Puroflo line is amount of products that have been certified to NSF 61-G. 



PureGen has been a leader in providing water treatment systems and components for over 18 years. With a diverse and growing product line of products made in the USA and overseas, we are able to provide you with the quality and pricing you need to be competitive in today’s challenging market.

PureGen is committed to maximizing the sourcing and supply channel for water treatment equipment for its customers through an ever expanding presence in the market with a focus on quality first. As the water industry changes, PureGen has been at the forefront with new and innovative products, a strong commitment to quality control and customer service, and strong 

Worldwide Puregen