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Alkaline RO with Permeate Pump

Water is the universal solvent, absorbing a little bit of everything it comes in contact with. Protect yourself by installing a high quality filtration system. Reverse Osmosis systems eliminate 92% to 99% of contaminants.


Product Details:
  • Features
  • The alkaline filter technology not only removes impurities, but also adds beneficial minerals back into the water, giving it a sweet, slightly mineral taste. Quartz, CalCor, Tourmaline, Negative Ion, Pi Ceramic, Super Cermaic, Almandine Garnet, KDF-Redox, and a final polishing filter change your slightly acidic R.O. water into a high pH, minerally enhanced water
  • The pH is raised from <7.0 (neutral) to approximately 8.0-10.0. The non-electric permeate pump dramatically improves the efficiency, quality, production, and pressure of the R.O. system and eliminates the need for booster or delivery pumps in most applications


Model # Stages GPD Permeate Pump Booster Pump
ERO-550-PPALK 5 50 ERP-500 ×
  • System Includes
  • Permeate pump: reduces waste water by as much as 80%, and fills the tank faster
  • Pressure arrestor: to protect your system from high pressure and water hammer
  • 3/8″ tubing on the delivery side for higher flow rates
  • Lead free designer faucet 
  • Lead free installation kit
  • 50 gallon per day membrane