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Aquatec Pumps
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  • Aquatec is a leading manufacturer of precision diaphragm pumps and flow control components. Since 1986, Aquatec has provided innovative, high-quality products for a wide range of fluid control applications. Aquatec has been awarded over 25 patents worldwide relating to their unique devices and their capabilities.
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Aquatec’s original product, and still the “global standard” in booster pump technology, providing reliable inlet pressure for efficient membrane utilization. These pumps are capable of continuous duty. 

Purgen Part # Aquatec Model # Description Connection Voltage/ Amps Case Qty.
CDP6840-2J03-B 6840-2J03-B221 35-50 GPD membrane 1/4″ JG 24 VAC / 0.8 Amps 12
CDP6840-2J03 8851-2J03-B423 50-100 GPD membrane 3/8″ JG 24 VAC / 2 Amps 12
5823-2LM2-B534 5853-2LM2-B534 200-400 GPD membrane 3/8″ JG 24 VAC / 2 Amps ( do not exceed 80 PSi) 12

Aquatec’s permeate pump is simple, yet revolutionary device powered only by the hydraulic energy of brine water usually lost to the drain. The permeate pump forces product water into the storage tank, increasing the efficiency of R.O. water production and reducing wastewater by up to 80%.

Model Number Description Connection Case Qty.
ERP-500 36-50 GDP membrane 1/4″ JG 40
ERP-1000 50-100 GDP membrane 1/4″ JG 40
CL-25-021 Permeate pump clip N/A 40

These pumps are designed for intermittent duty, though most models can be run continuously for hours at a time. Used either to pressurize water from an atmospheric tank, to deliver purified water to a specific point of use, or simply to increase pressure when required. These pumps can be controlled by either a pressure switch (“demand” mode) or an external power control device (“delivery” mode). When required, an integrated bypass can be incorporated to help regulate levels.

Model Number PSI Flow Cord Connection Voltage Case Qty.
5852-1E12-B574* 60 0.9 GPM No 3/8″ JG 120 VAC* 12
5852-1E12-J574* 60 1.2 GPM Yes 3/8″ JG 120 VAC* 12
5852-1E12-J524* 60 1.7 GPM Yes 3/8″ JG 120 VAC* 12
5512-1E12-B586* 60 3.3 GPM No 1/2″ FNPT 120 VAC* 6
5513-1E12-J526* 60 5 GPM Yes 1/2″ FNPT 120 VAC* 6
5513-1E01-J606* 60 6 GPM Yes 1/2″ FNPT 120 VAC* 6

*Special order item

Delivery pumps available w/or w/out 110V cord and 3 prong plug “B”= No cord, “J” With cord and plug. Power cord adds minimal cost.