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Countertop Accessories
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Part# Description
CT-ETA External tap adapter. Converts non-threaded faucet to threaded
CT-AD-1C Converting adapter, chrome. 13/16″ x 27, 15/16″ x 27
CT-DV-14S Diverter valve. Manual Operation Swivel. 1/4″ brab.
CT-14B Chrome fitting with 1/4″ brab
CT-14-EU Chrome fitting for CT-SPLR02 spout
CT-SPLR02 Spout with 2 O-Ring, Chrome plated
CT-DV-38S Diverter adapter. Manual operation. Swivel, 3/8″ barb.
CT-DV-14D Diverter adapter. Manual operation. Swivel, 1/4″ compression. Feed and waste
CT-DV-14C Faucet diverter 1/4″ compression
CT-DV-38C Faucet diverter 3/8″ compression
CT1W-K Stand for filter housing, plastic, white

Part# Description
JMPN04 Plastic hex nipple, 1/4″
JMPN06 Plastic hex nipple, 3/8″
JMPN07 Plastic hex nipple, 1/2″
JMPN03 Plastic hex nipple, 3/4″
JMPN08 Plastic hex nipple, 1″