Puregen Group

ERO-Pump Series RO Systems


  • NSF designer faucet
  • NSF tank
  • Installation kit included
  • 3/8″ available on all units
  • 110v or 220v available
  • TFC membrane (NSF Listed)

ERO-Pump Series RO Systems 

Product Details:
ERO-Pump Series RO Systems
  • Features
  • Permeate and booster pumps are popular choices to increase efficiency, production rate, and water quality.
  • The permeate pump is a popular first choice when the water pressure exceeds 40 PSI.
  • The permeate pump forces the produced water into the storage tank, reducing membrane back pressure, and maximizing available feed pressure.
  • The storage tank is brought up to line pressure eliminating the need for most delivery pumps.
  • Booster pumps are ideal for very low water pressure applications. Booster and permeate pumps can be combined for maximum versatility.


Model No. Stage GPD Permeate Pump Booster Pump
ERO-550P-120V 5 50 × Aquatec USA
ERO-550P-CA-14 5 50 × Puroflo
ERO-5100PD-110V 5 1000 × Puroflo
ERO-550-ERP500 5 50 ERP-500 ×
ERO-550-3/8-ERP 5 50 ERP-1000 ×
ERO-5100ERP1000 5 100 ERP-1000 ×
ERO-5100PP-110V 5 100 ERP-1000 Aquatec USA
ERO-550-PPALK* 5 50 ERP-500 ×
  • Note
  • Many styles available, call for your specific needs.
  • Includes Aptera alkaline filter, pressure arrestor, and 3/8″ connections