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Mineral Tank Accessories





  • Bottom Screens, stack distributors, hub and laterals, and other mineral tank components are one of the most important parts of your system. 

Mineral Tank Accessories

Product Details:
Mineral Tank Accessories


Part# Pipe Size Description
WS-40922 1.05″ (3/4″ NPT) Best quality, fine mesh, high flow, used on all 1.05″ PureGen units, bottom screen
WS-18280 1.05″ (3/4″ NPT) Fleck specific cam lock top screen
PIPE-O1 1.05″ 54″ length, our special Grey PVC pipe, durable and attractive
WS-1.05MANIFOLD 1.05″ (3/4″ NPT) WS-40922 and PIPE-O1, for 2.5 Cu. Ft. systems and smaller
WS-32MANIFOLD 32mm WS-40924 and WS-40677-54, for 2.5 Cu. Ft. systems and smaller

Part# Length Tank Thread Pipe Size In/Out Riser Bypass
WS-D1400 High Flow Clack 1400 2-1/2″-8NPSM See Clack parts 1.05″ Optional