Puregen Group

Other Medias




Activated Alumina

Used for the removal of arsenic, fluoride, selenium, silica, and hemic acid. When using for arsenic and fluoride removal, a low PH(5.5-6) is desired. It can be regenerated with sodium hydroxide. 
Part# Diameter Weight
WS-ACTIVATEDAL 1 Cu. Ft. bag 43 pounds


Calcite is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media. When properly applied, it corrects PH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. 
Part# Diameter Weight
WS-CALCITE .55 Cu. Ft. bag 50 pounds


Corosex is a highly reactive magnesium oxide media that can correct 5x more acidity than Calcite on a per weight basis. Under low flow conditions, Corosex can create a high pH condition. 
Part# Diameter Weight
WS-COROSEX .66 Cu. Ft. bag 50 pounds


Slow dissolving polyphosphate typically used for applications where scale needs to be minimized. Also used to sequester iron and hardness to prevent scaling and precipitation reactions in beverage and ice making equipment. Slophos can also be used as anti-scalers for pre R/O or distillation. 
Part# Diameter Weight
SLOPHOS Drum 50 pounds


SP3 Anti-scaling media transform calcium and magnesium ions into “nano-crystals” lessening their ability to attach to plumbing or your appliance. These “nano-crystals” easily rinse away with water. 
Part# Diameter Weight
WS-CWGSP3 1 Liter bag 2 pounds
60 Lite bag 112 pounds