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Pro-Q Quick Change Components-Accessories

Pro-Q Quick Change Components Accessories

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Pro-Q Parts Description
QFM-CT2 Counter top or bend up 2 stage bracket
QFM-CT3 Counter top or bend up 3 stage bracket
QFM-FM2 Under counter 2 stage bracket
QFM-FM3 Under counter 3 stage bracket
Q-155011 Cap, 1/4" FNPT inlet & outlet
Q-155004 Cap, 1/4" FNPT inlet x slip
Q-155005 Cap, 1/4" FNPT outlet x slip
Q-155006 Cap, slip x slip
Q-155007 Slip connector w/out O-ring
OR-725T O-ring for slip adapter(4 each)
SC-10N75TXPZ Screw for cap #10x3/4"
ACHV-1414Q-DM 1/4"MNPT x 1/4" push DMT check valve
Q-CKV-450W Slip x slip x 1/4" stem tee/check valve
  • Note
  • White is standard