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Residential Filter Housings


Residential Filter Housings

Product Details:
Residential Filter Housings
  • Features
  • Heavy duty polypropylene construction (except clear sumps)
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Highly reliable top seal o-ring 
  • NSF certified
  • Temperature rated to 125℉
  • Maximum pressure: 125 PSI (80 PSI per UPC 608.2)


Part# Sump Cap NPT PR
HPE-1014WW White White 1/4″ NO
HPE-1014CW Clear White 1/4″ NO
HGN-1014WW White White 1/4″ NO
** HGN-1014CW Clear Wthie 1/4″ NO

  • ** Special order
  • 12pcs/case, 14″X13″19″, 24 lbs
  • Some housings are special order, call for availability 
  • *Clear housings are intended for display purposes or low pressure applications. A pressure regulator that will not exceed 60 PSI must be installed prior to the filter. Inspect regularly for cracks, discoloration or any damage.
  • Replace annually

Part# Sump
O-RING HKF O-ring for all HKF housings
O-RING HPE O-ring for all HKF housings
O-RING HGN O-ring for all HKF housings
WR-180W 1/2 Circle HKF wrench white
WR-368 Full circle HKF wrench white

  • All sumps should be changed no less than every three years.
  • Inspect annually for any damage, cracks, discoloration or any other problems and replace if there are any discrepancies.