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  • Ion exchange resins are available for troubled waters including Nitrate and Tannin removal, water purification, and much more.
  • PureGen Mixed Bed D.I resin is an excellent choice for your water purification needs. Economical, high capacity and low odor. This high quality resin mixture is for direct purification of water. The residuals produce an average conductivity value of about 0.1us/cm for a major portion of the service run which may be extended depending up on the final water quality acceptable.
  • PureGen Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed D.I. is popular for most applications. This resin can produce water quality in excess of 15-18 MΩ (megohm). This media is an excellent choice for polishing R.O. water. Our special manufacturing process minimizes the odor common with lower grade D.I. resins.
  • PureGen Color Changing Mixed Bed D.I. Resin changes from green to blue when the media is exhausted. This media is commonly used in the Aquarium and Hydroponics industries. PureGen stocks several clear filter housings and empty refillable cartridges that are ideal for use with this resin.

Specialty Resins

Product Details:
Specialty Resins


Part# Description Brand Weight
WS-MBDI Deionization, standard grade common for mobile car detailers PureGen 50
WS-MBDI-NG Nuclear Grade D.I resin. Ultra high purity PureGen 50
WS-MBDI-CC Color changing D.I. resin, common for aquarium use PureGen 50